MusicBrainz Picard will save all tags to FLAC files except title

There’s probably a very simple explanation that I’m missing, but I’ve matched 3544 FLAC files with a 171-CD box set called “The Complete Works (Edition Bachakademie)”. When I save the tags, all the tags are saved to the FLAC files except the titles. See the screenshot below:

The original FLAC files don’t have any tag. In the screenshot above, I’ve already tried multiple times to save the tags.

What am I doing wrong?

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That’s strange. What scripts, including file naming, do you use? Any plugins?

I’m using the default settings (I’ve checked again). The only thing that I’ve changed is the API key under Fingerprinting.

I’ve restarted MusicBrainz Picard, rematched the FLAC files, and now it seems to work.

The second time the matching worked perfectly (i.e. I didn’t have to manually match some of the tracks), since the track IDs were saved correctly the first time.

So there is a bug, but I don’t know what happened exactly.

Looking at your screenshot, usually to get that red line to show up on the title it would need the user to Right Click and pick REMOVE. Maybe a random press of ALT+SHIFT+R?

I’d blame computer pixies. if you forget to feed them their chocolate they can cause havoc on your Mac when you turn your back…