MusicBrainz Picard Snap updated

Picard has been available on Linux as a Snap already for the last 3 years, giving users an alternative to easily install Picard and stay up-to-date. This Snap package has been maintained by Marc aka pachulo, who did a great job getting Picard packaging up Picard as a Snap and maintaining it for the last 3 years.

Unfortunately he lacked the time recently to keep the Snap updated, and after recent updates to both the snapcraft build tools and Picard the app stopped building and needed some updates. I have offered to help out here, so in the past days I did the necessary updates to the snap configuration and now the latest Picard version 2.5.2 is again available as a snap:

If your Linux distribution does support Snap installing Picard is as easy as running:

snap install picard

Often you can also install it using your distributions software center, e.g. Ubuntu Software or KDE Discover. The Snap will automatically update to new releases once they get available.

If you feel adventurous you can also install the latest development release using:

snap install picard --edge 

Please note: Use the development version at your own risk. It might contain unexpected bugs or incomplete features. Also for now the development version does not get automatically updated, rather I will trigger a new build from time to time.

I will see that we update the docs and download page for the next Picard release to include Snap as an alternative to the also available Flatpak install.

For the future I will see how it goes. If this is easy enough to manage I would like to integrate this more into our official Picard build process.