MusicBrainz Picard doesn't support Opus files?

I have been having trouble tagging .opus files. Every time I try to edit .opus files I get:

(error: read b'\x1aE\xdf\xa3', expected b'OggS', at 0x0)

Is this because the files end in .opus instead of .ogg or is it a bug in Picard?

Looks like this is not a valid Ogg Opus file. Opus is just an audio codec, not a file format. Files with the file extension .opus are supposed to be inside an Ogg container, and that’s what Picard supports.

Your’s seems to be a Matroska file, and Picard does not support Matroska files yet.


First, thanks for replying.

Second, a Matroska file??? What in the world???

Matroska is a popular container format. Usually those files have the file extension .mks, or .mkv (for video files) and .mka (for audio files). It is commonly used for video files, but it can be used for audio only content as well. The combination of Matroska and Opus codec is kind of popular, so I see how it makes sense to have an audio only file with this combination. It just should then have the .mks or .mka file extension.

You could convert your file into the Ogg Opus format. One way to do this would be with ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i yourfile.opus -acodec copy outfile.opus

ffmpeg will automatically put a .opus file into an Ogg container (as it should be).


So if I use an audio converter and convert the files to Ogg Opus than Picard will recognize it? Okay, learn something new everyday. Thanks so much!

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Yes, exactly. Ideally of course Picard would support Matroska files also. This is planned, but nothing is available yet. I had already started looking into this, but unfortunately Matroska has a bit more complex way of handling tags, which makes it not so straight forward to integrate into the current concepts.

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Well, again, thanks. This world of music formats can be pretty confusing :sweat_smile: