Musicbrainz_originalalbumid / MusicBrainz Original Release ID - what is it and what sets it?

I noticed MusicBrainz Original Release ID is the Picard documentation.

What is it for? and does/can Picard set it?

Where exactly do you see this ā€œOriginal Release IDā€ in the linked documentation?

There are many similar identifier, but I canā€™t find yours.

Ahhh, finally found it:

The musicbrainz_originalalbumid tag got added as part of [PICARD-1034] Picard not seeing TOPE and TOAL - MetaBrainz JIRA , together with the tags originalalbum and originalartist. The motivation here was for Picard to understand the ID3 TOAL (ā€œOriginal album/movie/show titleā€) and TOPE (ā€œOriginal artist/performerā€) frames, which according to the ID3 spec are intended for storing information about the original song in case of cover recordings.

Picard currently does not fill these tags.

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I was hoping that there was something that would record the original album release. For example, I have a CD of an album that was originally released on vinyl. When I tag the CD in Picard, it correctly sets a value for MB Release Group ID to be the release group, but thatā€™s not quite the same as the MB Id for the vinyl.

Another ā€˜needā€™ is for compilations, how to record the original album that the track was originally released on

Is there anything that does this?

Loading the original album would require a plugin that searches for this data somehow. AFAIK that does not currently exist. It would be possible, but for the compilation case it would be rather slow as for each track there would be at least one additional request to MusicBrainz.