MusicBrainz not updating track numbers

So it’s been a week or something like that since I first noticed this. MusicBrainz is not updating track numbers anymore. So, for instance, if I convert some WAV files to .mp3 and because of the conversion, all track numbers are the same, MusicBrainz will not change them. The rest of metadata is correctly changed, but just that aspect in particular remains untouched for some reason.

I noticed it because some recent albums I’ve added to my music library had 01, 02, 03… track numbers, instead of the usually, cleaner version, 1, 2, 3…

I have not changed any setting whatsoever and this has just happened all of a sudden. Any ideas on how to fix it?? It’s kind of a pain in the ass t have to change it oneself, track by track. Very tedious process.

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Ignore the post I had just made… somehow “options \ tags \ preserve tags” on my copy included tracknumber…


Oh IvanDobsky! Thank you so much! I actually went into that option and “tracknumber” was there. Removed it and problem solved. The question is, how did it get there in the first place? lol

Again, thank you!


Apart from adding tags to this list via Options you can also right click a tag in the metadata view and choose “Add to ‘Preserve Tags’ list” in the context menu.


Also thank you @slovaph as I have no idea how it got into my preserve list either. :grin: It has been in there a couple of months for me. No doubt an accidental right click at some point.

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Do we need an “Are you sure you want to add “tag” to the Preserve Tags list?” confirmation?


I don’t think so… just a simple error. Other tags are more easy to spot as it is rare that you actually renumber tracks

The only reason I know I had made my error months ago is EAC on my PC rips with two digit track numbers.

Adding a tag to the preserved tag list (or removing it) can have a significant impact on your tagging and there is no visual indicator on the metadata table that a particular tag is on the preserved list.

Personally I think we do need either:

  1. A confirmation message for a right click add/remove from the Preserved Tags list, regardless of the tag (it’s not just tracknumber); and / or

  2. A visual indicator (Colour? Asterix?) in the metadata table that a tag is on the PTL.