MusicBrainz Not Sorting Torrents

So, I’ve been torrenting some albums lately, and wanted to sort them with Picard. The folders will cluster, and be looked up properly, but refuse to save. I have restarted, shut down my computer, reset settings in Picard, nothing worked.

In case you’re wondering, the albums are all in FLAC. It doesn’t seem to have a problem with FLAC downloads that weren’t torrented, but for some reason it does when they are.

Any help is much appreciated.

Do they have a READ ONLY flag set on the files? What does the icon look like for the files in Picard when they fail to save?

Tracks from a torrent should be no different to tracks from your own rips.

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If you are still seeding these files, they may be locked by your torrent application.
In any case, if you want to keep seeding them, you have to make a copy, otherwise Picard may modify them when tagging them, and render the torrent invalid.