MusicBrainz multidisc in a single folder


is there any way to put songs of a multi disc album into a single folder?


MusicBrainz folder structure
/W/Winehouse, Amy/Frank/Disc1/01-01-Intro Stronger than Me-Frank-Amy Winehouse.mp3
/W/Winehouse, Amy/Frank/Disc1/01-02-You Sent Me Flying Cherry-Frank-Amy Winehouse,mp3.
/W/Winehouse, Amy/Frank/Disc2/02-01-Take the Box (Original Demo)-Frank-Amy Winehouse.mp3
/W/Winehouse, Amy/Frank/Disc2/02-02-I Heard Love Is Blind (Original Demo)-Frank-Amy Winehouse.mp3

What I’ll want

/W/Winehouse, Amy/Frank/01-01-Intro Stronger than Me-Frank-Amy Winehouse,mp3
/W/Winehouse, Amy/Frank/01-02-You Sent Me Flying Cherry-Frank-Amy Winehouse,p3

/W/Winehouse, Amy/Frank/Take the Box (Original Demo)-Frank-Amy Winehouse.mp3
/W/Winehouse, Amy/Frank/02-02-I Heard Love Is Blind (Original Demo)-Frank-Amy Winehouse.mp3

To cut a long story short: is there any way to ignore the disk# and put all the songs files into the %Album% folder?

Try $num(%discnumber%,2)-$num(%tracknumber%,2)-%title%-%album%-%artist%

These script compose only the song filename, not the folder name.

Like this one:

01-01-Intro _ Stronger Than Me-Frank (Disc 1)-Amy Winehouse

I need to use the disk name without Disc# folders to store songs.

If ‘%album%’ is giving a disc number as part of the album title, then the question becomes… How is that getting there?

In your list of plugins, do you have Disc Numbers or Classic Disc Numbers enabled?

Later, Seeker

Having a Disc # folder is not part of the default naming string in Picard. You just have to remove that part from your naming script.

Post your naming script here and we can help you with this.

I finally found my perfect script:


Thank You to all!!

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For script to works it needs the following plugins:

Feat. Artists in Titles
Padded Disc and tracknumber
Standardise Feat.
Title Case
Wikidata genre