MusicBrainz Mirror Setup [Closed]

I have installed musicbrainz mirror on aws ec2 ubuntu. As part of the mirror setup do we get API endpoints also as part of the setup

What exactly do you mean with “API endpoints”?
What would you like to achieve?

Hi InvisibleMan78,
I meant using below api(this to avoid 1API call per second on the ) to build new web UI

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According to the installation documentation there is no rate limit for your own mirror setup:


There are no limits, I use it for my own scripts.

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thanks InvisibleMan. I am not able to see API code in the codebase.

thanks nadl40. can you share sample of how you use it

What error did you get when sitting this?

Do you have this artist and its data in your local database?
Go to /artist/410c9baf-5469-44f6-9852-826524b80c61 and check.

Documentation of how to use it is here

All you need to do is to replace endpoint with mirror server, here is an example to get a realease from my mirror


There are many examples in this forum, I’ve used to get a lot of help to navigate MB entities.

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thanks nadl40 for the link. I