Musicbrainz-docker issue

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Hi there:

I’m on a mission to deploy musicbrainz to a kubernetes cluster using the docker-compose configs and Dockerfiles on musicbrainz-docker.

I was starting this work this weekend and noticed an issue when trying to build the musicbrainz server Dockerfile with the following command: docker build -f ./musicbrainz-dockerfile/Dockerfile ./musicbrainz-dockerfile. It bombed out with the following relevant snippet:

--> Working on Term::Size::Perl
Fetching ... OK
Configuring Term-Size-Perl-0.031 ... OK
Building Term-Size-Perl-0.031 ... OK
Successfully installed Term-Size-Perl-0.031
Building Term-Size-Any-0.002 ... OK
Successfully installed Term-Size-Any-0.002
! Download failed. Retrying ... 
! Download failed. Retrying ... 
! Download failed. Retrying ... 
! Failed to download
! Failed to fetch distribution DBD-Pg-3.5.9_1
--> Working on TURNSTEP/DBD-Pg-3.5.9_1.tar.gz
Fetching ... FAIL
13 distributions installed
The command '/bin/sh -c eval $( perl -Mlocal::lib) && cpanm --notest         Cache::Memcached::Fast         Cache::Memory         Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::HTTP         Catalyst::Plugin::StackTrace         Digest::MD5::File         JSON::Any         LWP::Protocol::https         Plack::Handler::Starlet         Plack::Middleware::Debug::Base         Server::Starter         Starlet         Starlet::Server         Term::Size::Any         TURNSTEP/DBD-Pg-3.5.9_1.tar.gz' returned a non-zero code: 1

It looks like some cpan dependency is not found and the subsequent installation of that dependency fails. Does anybody have any ideas about what might be going on?

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Hi ridhoq,

Thanks for reporting that issue, it should be fixed with the following commit (current HEAD):

What happened is required version of DBD-Pg Perl module has not been updated at the same time in musicbrainz-docker and musicbrainz-server. DBD-Pg-3.5.9 module recently moved from CPAN to BackPAN, it explains why installing it fails just now.


Hi yvanzo, thanks for the quick response! I just checked out your commit and it looks like the Dockerfile is now building - thanks again!

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