MusicBrainz client/library/api for for Android

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Is there any library or API to use with android to retrieve meta data from MusicBrainz DB ?

I ended up on this java library: , did anyone use it?

Thank you for your help



No idea if this Java library works well on Android. What I did for my Picard Barcode Scanner app was including the API part from the official MusicBrainz Android app directly.

Please note: This will only work if you license your app compatible with the GPL3

For my use case that worked pretty well. I somehow used a Git submodule for it, but I am currently not quite sure how I set it up without looking into it again. If in doubt I would just copy the relevant files over to your app.

If the licensing is a no-go for you try the Java library you linked above or roll your own implementation :slight_smile: