MusicBrainz Artist Area accessible in a custom tag via scripting

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I use scripting in MusicBrainz to populate a few custom variables already but would also really like to be able to filter my music based on the nationality/origin of the artist. I note that MusicBrainz does hold this data, but I can’t seem to access it from Picard. Is there a way? TIA


This is the sort of thing that is not currently populated in picard but like you have said the information is included in the website.
To find this information you would need to write a plugin.

This would need to:

  • loop through all artist on the track or release group.
  • Call the musicbrainz web service to look up more information for that artist.
  • Find the area associated with the artist.
    • Note we have begin area, end area and known area, you need to work out what one you want
  • Area is a little more abstract and can be a city, a region, a state, a country so you need to query the web service to find the parent until you have found the country level.


Ok, thanks for the advice, this is something I will have a go at one day if I find time, will update this post if I do, or if any one else wants to I would be happy to test it