Musicbee and Scrobblerbrainz

Hi, im having some problems to scrobble in musicbee with Scrobblerbrainz.
First i was trying to submit scrobbles with AIMP and it works, but the scrobbles don’t show the lenght of the song. But some user have scrobbles with musicbee and the plugin and the lenght of the song is showed.
i downloaded the plugin for musicbee and installed it. but nothings happen, i put the user token too but no scrobbles appears.
i put the album folder in pickard for the tags and all that, so i dont know what is the reason to fail at submit scrobbles with musicbee and the plugin.
some help?



Well i found the problem. don’t unzip the plugin file. just add the entire zip file as plugin.


Hey there,
I’ve had some trouble like this in the past. Make sure to check your MusicBee settings to see if the plugin is set up correctly. Sometimes a little tweak there solves the problem.

Best of luck with getting those scrobbles working! :slightly_smiling_face:

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