Musical Theatre Release Help - Cast Lists

The release in question:

So I’ve just added this, and this is a form of music I am wholly uneducated in. The guideline has helped a lot and I’ve already tidied it up a great deal from my original entry, but there is one thing that irks me/confuses me.

The release itself lists a cast (much like this reissue from 1962) on the back but I can’t work out how we would credit the cast in the release.
Book page image

I would have thought they would be ANV’s but not all of the cast members feature on a song (instead the release opts for just “The Company”), so maybe add them at the bottom as performers? But do I still ANV the actors name to their character? Just dump it all into an annotation?

This is the guideline I’ve been following:

thanks in advance!

Unless you know who was on each track, it ends up all at the bottom at release level.

Here is an example Audio Drama from the radio:

Looking at your example I think you may actually have enough detail for “per track” - but that could lead to something a little messy for “The Company” tracks. I’d almost be tempted to make a “group” to handle “The Company” credits here.