Music videos with the same barcode as the albums?

I’ve been adding a lot of music videos recently and while most of them have unique barcodes, I’ve found that some have the same barcodes as the album the song is from.

Wannabe music video by ITZY returns 738676857498, which is the barcode of their EP IT’Z ME.
Sneakers music video returns 738676858761, the barcode of their EP CHECKMATE.
and so on…

Also happens to other artists of the same label, so I’m noticing a pattern here, but I can’t tell if this is done on purpose or if it’s Apple Music messing up. Can two releases really share the same barcode even if they’re completely different? (an album vs a music video) And should I add those anyway or just ignore them?


They absolutely can in general, there’s been issues in the past where a label accidentally put out two different (physical) releases with the same barcode.

Whether the barcodes here are legit or not is a fair question, but I guess if the label has added them to the data, it’s not wrong to specify them?


Maybe this is a case that the label didn’t actually release a single, so Apple is just treating it as part of the album so the barcode isn’t blank?