"Music video" disambiguation on video recordings

Before I make a concerted effort to start removing them, what are people’s thoughts on “music video” disambiguation comments on video recordings? Mine are that it’s redundant and unnecessary, the equivalent of adding “studio recording” to every recording recorded in a studio. Video recordings should be assumed to be music videos by default. The disambiguation comment is for clarifying in cases where they’re not, such as when there’s different music videos, lyric videos, live performances, etc.

In theory I agree they are often unneeded - I would like to hear the arguments from people who do add them though :slight_smile:

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FWIW, (nowadays) I keep such as ETI and may add additional tags like


Exactly for this those comments are useful. There are different types of videos that can exist, and having the actual music video described as such is helpful. If you have a list like this the disambiguation comments in generally help a lot figuring out what is what:

Overall I don’t really see why they should be removed unless they are factually wrong (e.g. it says “official music video”, but it is some other kind of video).


I add them sometimes because some editors don’t bother to check for the video icon before reusing recordings on releases.


I generally add that as a disambiguation to make it clearer what it is. some newer editors might not be aware that we have music videos too, and it might also help to keep music videos from being accidentally merged with non-videos

either way, I see no reason to remove such a disambiguation…