Music Unreadable after Picard

I have an MP3 Music file, which works and read without problems in Windows native player and in Mixxx, my DJ software

I put the file in MusicBrainz Picard to have more metadatas ant to sort it in my Music Folder

But after that my DJ software is unable to play it it just play a noise sound for a few seconds (not the real mp3 time). But the problem is that the Windows native player can still play it without any problems.

Hard to say what is happening without seeing the file. It might be the file is damaged in some way even before tagging, which could lead to unpredictable results. Or Mixxx just cannot deal with certain data being written to the file.

Is it only this specific file or does the same thing happen to other files you tag with similar data?

The same thing happenned to all sorts of files since I think I changed some settings or I applied an update (or both).

If the files play in other players but not in Mixxx it is likely there is something specific to the file Mixxx cannot process. It might be some kind of damage to the file structure, or it might be some bug in Mixxx.

You could try run the files (both the working one before tagging and the file after tagging) through MP3 Diags to see if there are some issues with the file themselves.

Also some general things that could make a difference:

  • In Picard try saving with ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 (see Options → Tags → ID3)
  • Try different character encodings
  • Try disabling the legacy ID3v1 tags
  • Try saving with the setting “Clear all existing tags” enabled (be careful, this removes all the tags in the files and only writes back the tags for which Picard has loaded specific data)
  • If you save cover art to the tags try disabling this