Music playback with Apple Music

Good news everyone!

If you have an Apple Music account, you will be happy to know that you can now log in and play songs directly from ListenBrainz.

Head on over to the music services page to sign in with Apple Music.

Arriving at the end of a one month trial myself, I will not have access for long and would really appreciate any feedback you may have on this new playback option.

Thank you !



  1. It works!
  2. I had to disable the YouTube integration to get it to be used. Ideally I’d want both enabled and have it fall back to YouTube if it doesn’t find the song on Apple Music
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Awesome, many thanks! That seems to work fine so far, but I just have started with it.

Just to understand this correctly - it is currently not possible to import listens from Apple Music? Will this be possibile in the future, or are there technical limitations preventing this?

Both of you, thanks for helping with testing!

@fdsa Yes that’s in the plans, having on that same settings page a way to choose the order in which the music sources are used.

@lenniepaine There is indeed a technical limitation unfortunately, Apple Music doesn’t provide a timestamp for the listening history, and we depend on that for everything.
At the moment we don’t have a solution to remedy this lack of data and don’t have plans to record listens form Apple Music.
However we can make it so that the tracks you play on the ListenBrainz website are submitted. It’s not currently active as I wanted more time for testing, but that’s the next step.

Similarly to the answer above, I’d like to implement settings to activate/deactivate listen submission for each music service separately.


I’ve been using this again a little the past few days, and I’m noticing that it’s frequently playing the wrong tracks, even when they’re available on Apple Music. I think that used to work better.

E.g. this ListenBrainz plays Brujería while the song is available on Apple Music: ‎La Clave – Titel von El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico – Apple Music

This ListenBrainz plays Sobredosis although the song is available ‎En Trance – Titel von Los Titanes – Apple Music


Yep, I confirm I’m seeing the same thing, thanks for reporting the issue and for the details

In short, we play the first result from the search response we get from the apple music API, and in this case it turns out to be the wrong one, even though the correct one is in the results.

Irritatingly, running the same search terms on the apple music website, I can see from their internal search response that they get the correct result at the top of the list…
So somehow, their API responses to third parties are biased in some way in order to return some other result they are pushing.

I have tried or will try a couple of things to improves the situation:

  • Remove the album title from the search terms (this helped in the case of spotify search, and seems to maybe help here too). This fixes the second example “En Trance”, where the album name was “Sobredosis de amor y salsa” which resulted in only various matches for the song “Sobredosis” by the same band. Makes sense considering the search terms.

  • Add another layer of processing the API response to see if any of the search results’ name matches the search term better. This is for your first example “La Clave”, where removing the album title did not fix the issue, and the expected song came in only as the third result. Doing a quick check to see if any of the results matches the expected song title could help in many cases.