Music Organization (finding the best script)

I’m new in MusicBrainz and I can’t find the right script to organize the music as I want.
I have the following script, but don’t work as I want:

$if($gt(%totaltracks%,4),$if2(%albumartist%,%artist%)/%tracknumber% %title%,$if2(%albumartist%,%artist%) - %title%)

I want a structure that meets the following premises:

  • The artists who have 4 tracks or less in the root
  • The artists who have 5 tracks or more in the artist folder
  • In every artist folder, if there is an album with more than 7 songs, a folder for this album
  • The album folders with the year
  • The songs in the album folders with the track number
  • The songs in the root with the structure: Artist - title.mp3

The songs in the root would be like:
\The Cranberries - Dreams.mp3

The songs in the album folder would be like:
\Arcade Fire\2004 Funeral\06 Wake Up.mp3

Can anybody help me?

Many thanks in advance community! :wink:

I don’t think that it’s possible with just the standard scripting, but if I’m wrong I’d love to see how to do it. I suspect that you would need a specially written plugin to do all the matches and counting for you, and expose additional information with the specific logic to the scripts.

Sorry, I know that’s not what you wanted to hear.