Music Based Video Games

So I thought it might be cool to share video games that have music as a core component of their gameplay.

I like video games, I guess theres a few people who are on here who might - and it could be fun to find some new ones.

Beat Hazard 2 (much like the first game) is a reasonably simple shooter/bullet hell a bit like asteroids but is “powered by your music”. You choose the songs that make up the levels and proceed to shoot every single thing flying towards you as they pulse and appear in time to the music.

It really works best with electronic music, but you can get some fun results with other genres.

So far I’ve got 2.6 hours on this and 10.3 hours on the first game. It’s currently on sale, and I highly recommend it.


Assume it still works, but was excellent for all kinds of music. Just point it at your music collection, load up any tune you want and it builds you a track with it. Wipeout made from your own tunes. (Free demo exists)

The best part of playing something with your favourite music as the sound track is you know the beat already. You can make it as chilled or hectic as you want.


The rhythm game genre is basically a good thread for this. If you’re a fan of rhythm games in general, it’s worth having a look at Project Outfox. It’s essentially a rhythm game engine based on StepMania with the intention of supporting more than the step-dance games DDR and Pump It Up. IIRC, guitar games as well as taiko drum games (i.e. Taiko no Tatsujin) are supported. If you also see a StepManiaX arcade machine in the wild, have a go at it. Not related to Outfox, thought I’d mention it in the same breath since those are pretty rare to come by if I recall.

I don’t know where else I’d post this, but I’d also take a look at Hi-Fi Rush. I’ve been playing this game recently and so far it’s great. It’s a combat game with a rhythm element, you time your attacks to the beat to rack up points. I’m not the greatest at rhythm when I’m getting rushed by enemies, but still - if you want a good rhythm beat-em-up in a cartoon style that’s got awesome character design and a pretty good soundtrack too, Hi-Fi Rush is worth picking up.

To the Linux users: Outfox is Linux-native and Hi-Fi Rush works great through Proton.


Love dipping back into a bit of AudioSurf.

I got AudioSurf 2 as well when it was released, but something about it didn’t capture me as well as the first game.


I played the first Beat Hazard quite a bit, it was fun but I didn’t love it. Syncing up to your music was fun but after a few hours I felt like I could be playing a better game while listening to my music… Geometry Wars is just too good a game in comparison!

But it looks like the DLC for it is on sale on Steam, for a dollar or two, and I think I’ll give it another shot with a bit more DLC-flesh on its bones. I assume Beat Hazard 2 adds a bit more meat to it as well.

Hi-Fi Rush is definitely on my wishlist!! Looks really good. A friend has also gone on at me about playing Crypt of the Necrodancer for years as well, maybe I should try it sometime.

It’s not really rhythm-based gameplay but a spiritual/fan-made successor to Jet Set Radio is coming out tomorrow, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, and I’m excited. Jet Set Radio was a massive influence on me as a teenager because of its incredible/crazy soundtrack, and it looks like they have the original composer for a few tracks, as well as a bunch of new musicians influenced by the original.

Honorary mention to the car bouncing mini game in GTA:San Andreas that I always really sucked at :sob:

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