Multiple recording titles on one release - what am I supposed to do?

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Hello to the MB community!
I am stuck a bit while trying to understand if Status section in this guideline is what I need here.
I have a CD of Yat-Kha (band from Tyva Republic in Russia) which is obviously official and I am 100% sure about that, that has tracks listed twice using Tuvan language as well as crappy English translation.
This release is already in the musicbrainz db, but tracks are listed with mistakes, and I want to add this release correctly.
Help me please. Here is scanned image of track lists.

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I’d add a separate release either in Tuvan, or in Tuvan with English after it, and then link the English only to it and mark it as a pseudo-release. That said, we should be getting the option of having one tracklist per language in the same release pretty soon! @bitmap should be almost done with it by now.

Edit: this music is fantastic, by the way! Thanks for the discovery :slight_smile:


Great news! Thanks for replying so quickly.
So what should I do with translation mistakes in that case?
Apart from some stylistic mistakes, there are literally several translation mistakes.

We should store the printed English tracklist, but it might also make sense to store a corrected one. I’m not sure if the new system will allow more than one tracklist per language for cases like this, maybe @bitmap can let us know if he sees this :slight_smile:


I am glad you’ve enjoyed it :wink:
It was a truly new music for me after a long period of time, if speaking of sound, so I wanted to somehow pay some respect to it by providing correct metadata here which, I think, is the best way besides directly supporting the artist :slight_smile:


Hi, do you know whether the option of having one tracklist per language in the same release is available yet? I’m wondering if I can update a release similar to that of OP, where each track title is listed in more than one language on the cover art.


Unfortunately alternate track lists aren’t available yet. if you want to vote for it (or follow progress, etc.)


Thanks for the info and link. It seems that bitmap is currently working on this!