Multiple questions: Original Song name & Original Artist and other metadata questions

  1. I am wanting to have recording of = cover, part of, samples in a tag.
    In the cover. Is the original artist of the cover recording able to be written in a tag?
    I don’t want to use the comment field unless these fields can be written without overwriting my existing comments.
    2a. In another tag. I’d like to have If it’s a medley, live, or instrumental
    2b. Another part I’d like to have is the writers filled in the composer tag field.
  2. In the Year field include the original year fields: How can I get the original date and year. For example: yyyy-mm-dd
  3. The hard question: How can I get these fields to be easily accessible in readers of metadata information (if so)?

Is this possible? Are there any links to any webpages so I can try to figure out the questions I asked?
Am I missing a plug-in and/or a script to make this work?

Thanks so much and I don’t look for all my questions to be answered all at one time.

I am not quite sure which way this question goes. So Picard does not currently provide information on cover recordings and the original artist or title by default. A plugin could access this information, but I don’t think there is one currently

There is however tag support for this with the tag originalartist which you can set manually or which could be set by a plugin.

That’s also currently not available

The writer gets set to the writer tag if you have advanced relationships for recordings getting loaded. If you want to set this to the composer field you could use a script like:

$setmulti(composer,%composer%; %writer%)

That would combine both the list of composers and writers into one tag.

I think you mean the original release date of the covered work? This is also currently not available. There is _recording_firstreleasedate which holds the first release date of the exact recording.

For storing this there would be the originaldate tag.

There is no generic answer to this. It depends on what kind of software and what you want to do with this. If the software has explicit support for these fields, especially for ID3 the TOPE (original artist) and TDOR (original date) frames, then you are good. But support for this is really rare, I personally don’t know of any player supporting TOPE. foobar2000 maybe.

Otherwise if the software allows access to custom tags and make use of them for display and filter it might be possible to configure access to those fields.