Multiple mirrored MBIDs for the same artists - no way to tell which is the "real one"?

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So I figure these are the result of a merge, but how do I tell which one is the one to use?

I’m thinking one should be the “master” and the others should redirect to that one, or maybe I’m missing something?

any click after the original will take you to a link for 1f25c419-4084-40bc-9bac-c39f375384c5

THAT is the one to use.

No casual user will ever catch that, I guess what I’m after is some kind of flag that makes that obvious. I found all three MBISs in Wikidata so this is already a real concern imo.

EDIT: I guess a HTTP 301 Moved Permanently header pointing to the original would do the trick.

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removal of the other 2 from WD would work too.

I can’t speak for MB, but my guess would be that they keep the old ones active because of links being posted on other sites.

But, if you wanted to click through the artist information, the links would change to the proper artist. So by the time you wanted to copy a link, it would be the right one.

That’s not really an option when the links are already in the wild. A machine readable response like a 301 header pointing to the correct entry would be optimal I think.

That’s why the current ongoing redesign of artist overview page is adding a button “Share”.

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Nice👍 Is there a timeline/roadmap for the implementation of these designs? The mock-ups cover a lot of ground, I’m guessing the changes will have to be rolled out in waves and not all at once?

But some of those images makes MB look a little more like a some guy’s vanity project instead of an actual database.
In fact, some of them look like, which isn’t where people go for information.

This is work in progress, it will likely be the top priority for most of 2018.

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User’s feedback is very welcome, just sign up for an account on MetaBrainz Tickets/JIRA.

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