Multiple front covers

I’m sure I just missed this when I searched for it.

What to do when there are multiple front covers? is pulling art from Amazon. Amazon says it has 4 editions, and all have the same cover art.

My disc in hand looks like the first cover at the linked discogs page (

But discogs also has the alternate cover as an image. Do I leave the cover being pulled from Amazon? Update to use the cover of my disc in hand? Quit fretting over it an move on?

Thank you!

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If you can confirm that the release entry matches your disk (e.g. the barcode and catalog numbers are strong indicators), your disk is the final source of truth, and you should update the cover art to the image it has.

The metadata from Amazon is also generally terrible all around, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in it in any case. The reason the Musicbrainz server has the ability to pull cover art from Amazon is historical, the Cover Art Archive we now use to store our own cover art didn’t always exist (e.g. due to the very ambiguous legal nature of cover art).


In short, each unique combination of the following is a separate release:

  • Cover art / packaging
  • Album artist(s)
  • Track list / contents
  • Label
  • Catalogue number
  • Barcode
  • Format