Multiple CD release of individual CDs, one from another release -- how to edit?

Hello! I have a four-CD release called “Lord of the rings” from Newsound 2000. It consists of four CDs, each of which has its own catalog number. I edited the first CD yesterday (catalog number “NEW227”), building on a previously existing CD stub. The MusicBrainz release is

Inexperienced as I am, I need tips on the following:

  1. Should I enter the remaining three CDs as individual releases (since they have individual catalog numbers), then collect them in a compilation release of some sort, or should I expand the release to a multiple CD release? If so, how do I do that?
  2. CD #2 bears the name “The fellowship of the ring” and seems to be identical to CD 1 from this release:
    Identical as in, when I look it up in Picard, I get that release. It seems to be the same CD with different art on the CD and the jewel case. How do I handle this?
  3. CD #4 was lost and I cannot enter it, at least not completely. I bought the MP3 release from the composer (of CD #3 and CD #4), Mickey Simmonds, from this link:
    Can I add some sort of information that there is a CD #4 so that maybe someone else can fill this later?

Thank you for any help!


Sounds to me like you have a separate release there. Should get its own release group.

In that release group will be four CDs. Manually entered as new tracks for a four CD release.

And then link the RECORDINGS to the four separate CDs that are also out there.

Don’t edit or change those original four separate releases that are already in the system. Just copy them for your new four disk edition.

Do type in the fourth CD details as you know what they used to be even though you now don’t have the disk.

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Yes you should complete your release by adding the 3 missing CD with all your catalogue numbers and with medium title.
Here is an example of multi CD, multi catalogue, with a medium title on CD3.

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They already created these separate release and release group. A release group with only one release, this release will ultimately contain four CD.

If it’s one of the releases listed here:
Then you can use that information (+ maybe times from your mp3’s) to fill it in :slight_smile:

(obviously having the CD is ideal, but it’s okay to make do with other sources as long as you think they accurately represent the actual CD - for instance some mp3 releases might have different names or track lengths)

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Thanks everybody! I think it worked out in the end. Now the CDs exist individually and it was easy to use “Add medium” to collect them into a four-CD compilation, hopefully without any serious error(s). I’ve learned a lot, it will now be easier to enter more CDs.