Multiple broadcast episodes in one file?

I just came across (and entered) a broadcast that is a single file that spans multiple episode numbers:

There is nothing in the style guideline about what to do here so I just used “#298-299”, but I’m curious what others think? Or has anyone else come across similar examples?

As a side note, I cannot create multiple “part of” series relationships so I guess the part number should also be “298-299”?


What you did seems sensible to me FWIW.

You can create multiple parts with different numbers so I changed the relationships to that - I think that makes following the series easier? But if you disagree I can revert.


Thanks. I think multiple “part of” relationships is best.

I must have hit a bug on the Edit Relationships tab of the Releases page because trying to add it twice with different part numbers shows an error “This relationship already exists.” and doesn’t let you add it.

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Hmm. I added it from a different editor - wonder if we do have a bug where it’s not allowed in that page in particular. I’ll look into it.

Edit: It seems it allows to enter a second one after the first one exists, but not to enter two in one go. I entered MBS-13368 for this.