Multiple artists and genres as multiple tags

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007fd5ece87118>


Quod Libet supports this feature and the ID3 Tag specification allow multiple instances of the artist, genre, title, album tags without any problem.

In my collection that’s how I record multiple artists and multiple genres, I don’t use a semicolon or a comma within the same tag entry.

Is it even possible to instruct Picard to use separate entries of the same tag for multiple values?


For genres it is simple: In Options > Metadata > Genres leave the “Join multiple genres with” option empty. No joiner means it will be saved as multiple separate values. This is even the default.

For the artists you need some scripting in Options > Scripting. The simplest solution would be something like:


Here is a more sophisticated version which also sets albumartist and corresponding sortname tags and also removes the then obsolete custom artists tag:


Not sure if the sort tags actually make sense, for actual sorting one might still prefer having all as a single value.