Multi-Disc Releases and Cover Art Duplication

I am trying to get Picard configured so my library is stable. What that means, is that if I take an album and update it with Picard, if I run it a second time (assuming no edits in MusicBrainz), then the album will have no pending edits, including cover art.

As for the metadata, I believe that is working well except in a few rare cases. My problem is with cover art, particularly with multi-disc albums. I would prefer to split multi-disc albums into subdirectories. Here are a few examples:

Single front image:

In Disc-1 and Disc-2, I have a cover image called “front.jpg”

If I run this release through Picard, it picks up two front.jpg files, and saves both of them back to the folder, so I end up with this:

As you can see, it writes two copies of the front image to each disc (and two backs and two booklets) even though the files are identical.

Is there some way to identify avoid this with Picard? If we kept hashes of the files it would easy to de-duplicate, but I don’t think there is any logic like that today in Picard. I suppose some sort of tagging within image files would be a natural extension also.

If I go back to a single directory for multiple-discs, I can avoid this, but then I don’t have a reliable way to manage different images for each disc. I know that managing artwork can be tricky and a whole project unto itself :slight_smile: