Mozart piano sonatas

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Looks like the piano sonatas are easier to deal with than the violin sonatas (Numbering of Mozart violin sonatas).
I have entered a box set with them all ( - the work numberings seem to be consistent (although the ordering of the K numbers is not always so).
A couple of queries:

  1. All the work names are in English except for No.16 which is in German. Should I make that English for consistency? (I can get round it in Picard by using Classical Extras to pick up the alias :wink:)
  2. This work - - has multiple K numbers and is not linked to any series. I wasn’t sure how to link it (perhaps the original editor wasn’t too sure either!).

Lastly, I made an error on entering the work relationship on Unfortunately the correction seems to need votes. If someone could help with that, I would be most grateful (and also to approve all the recording artists which were done with the script :smile:).

Sounds reasonable to me.

I linked it to the K1 (original numbering), K3 (3rd edition) and K6 (6th edition) series as indicated by the IMSLP and Wikipedia pages, assuming the ‘K3’ in the title is correct.

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Thanks for that. I changed no.16.