Moving files into new folder based on album tag

I want to use the tags I already have for my music collection to move them into folders. In ‘Preferences’ I have all auto tagging and IDing and Lookups turned off! I select a couple hundred tracks from a single artist, click ‘Cluster’ and watch as they all group together in the proper folders based on the album tag in the files – again, no lookup is being done, so this part is very fast.

Now, I highlight the albums and click ‘Save’. All the files are moved to the appropriate destination directory, but most of the time, the album groupings are gone (but not always; some albums are formed as separate folders). I suspect I need a file naming script that will do what I want, but am too new to the program to figure it out.

I’m working on 15k+ songs downloaded from my Google Play Music locker before the transition.

Any help?

That’s weird - I would check what the differences are between these files. Different formats? The ‘Album’ tag is stored differently? Extra tags that are helping or hindering?

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Could you share the naming script you use and how the folders differ for the affected files? Then it should be easy to see which tags differ on the files.


The script is simply the default script. I haven’t invested the time to learn the tags and syntax for making up different ones.