Moving all sub directories/folders upon rename

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Is there a way for me to move all the folders under the album which the track resides in to also be moved?

Music/Album/tracks, scans/.jpgs
and move the scans folder to the new location too.

Yes, in the renaming options you can enable “move additional files”. Add “scans” to the list.

See also the docs at File Naming Options — MusicBrainz Picard v2.7.0b1 documentation


Thank you so much for pointing me there!

For those of you who got here wanting an answer:

This option can also be used to move subdirectories to the new release directory. This is done by specifying the name of the subdirectory in the list of files to be moved. For example, if your album folders have a subfolder called “Artwork”, “covers” or “scans” that contains additional image files that you also want to move to the new release directory, simply add “artwork”, “covers” and “scans” to the list of additional file matching patterns.