Goodmorning boys and girls,
With great pleasure i’m using Musicbrainz Picard.
I was windering uf there is a simmilar program for my movies and TV series?

Or a good alternative.


There is no MetaBrainz MovieBrainz project, but I use Kodi to manage and play movies and series. I don’t think the built-in metadata scraper is very good, but you can install the plug-in Universal Movie Scraper from within Kodi itself, which is quite configurable and gives me good results.

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I use Kodi on my Eminent MP and seen Movie scraper, i’ll give it a try.

The movie scraper in KODI is mainly based around and

Dig into the settings and you’ll also see IMDB and other options.

The Movie DB and TV DB work like MusicBrainz - users add in the data. Though you’ll find different levels of details kept, different rules, and beware of some of the arguments over episode numbering.

KODI is GREAT for identifying movies from their filenames and keeping a database of them. Keep an eye on it when doing the lookups as sometimes the odd tweak is needed to get something to identify correctly (especially if a film was released with different names in different areas)

I am actually here because of KODI.

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cf. MovieBrainz? :slight_smile:

Thanx, but i have Mac os x

Yes, this is exactly what I had in mind for a MovirBrainz project. A way to track movies and TV shows for use on things just like Kodi.

@paulkokkie For identification, I like tMM (tinyMediaManager), It is available for all OS, including a Mac. I have no relation to that software or its developer(s) aside from being a user. It is not perfect, but the developer seems to have a solid strategy and avoids muddying up the program. I do not like that it is written in Java, but that is my preference. I use the Pre-Release version myself.