Move performer tag field

Ok, unfortunately the Roon player doesn’t read the “performer” tag but it uses “involvedpeople”, so I’m trying to move or rename this field but I’m having difficulties.
I tried with


But with the “performer” tag it doesn’t work

I’m no script expert, so sorry if I’m doing something trivial wrong😅

I see three potential issues with your script :sweat_smile:

  1. $delete expects the name of a tag but by enclosing the name with percentage signs you have passed it the value.
  2. Performer tags are multi-value variables, so you should rather use $setmulti or $copy.
  3. Most importantly, there is not a single performer tag in Picard, but one for each role, e.g. performer:guitar. So I think you would have to use a * wildcard to get all of them but this is only documented for $unset — MusicBrainz Picard v2.9alpha1 documentation. The only thing which seems to be helpful to get all performing artists is $performer — MusicBrainz Picard v2.9alpha1 documentation.

So the following code is the closest thing to which I could get, but it has a few caveats: It only manages to unset the performer tags (but doesn’t delete tags which were already written to a file) and fails to copy the roles of the involved artists. I guess this is not actually possible because of the more complex way these are mapped in different tagging formats


Which file format are you using, by the way? INVOLVEDPEOPLE looks like it could be the display name of ID3 specific tags IPLS (v2.3) or TIPL/TMCL, so this smells like a Roon tag mapping issue with MP3 files and writing a custom tag TXXX:INVOLVEDPEOPLE might not help you at all…


I didn’t think it was that complicated😅
However they are all flac and some dsf …