Most important performers of a recording

I changed recording artists from composer to performers, printed on back cover and labels.

And I stumble a bit with classical terminology.

From Style / Classical / Recording Artist:
“The Recording Artist field should contain the most important performers who appear on that specific recording” ← Who are “the most important performers who appear on that specific recording”? Those that are printed on the cover as the main performers of the album? Or those that are listed for the respective piece (small)?
I added both → Search for Edits - MusicBrainz
…not sure if it should be like that though :thinking:

Subsequent question: Is the order correct? Should track specific artists be prioritized?

And what means:
“To credit performers properly, you should always link the performers to the appropriate recordings using Advanced Relationships.” ← I suppose that means linking the recording artists as performers to the recordings. Currently only the musicians belonging to the track are entered. The ensemble as a whole is only represented by linking the individual musicians at release level. (some of them also appear as track specific artists)

I would add conductor and orchestra to the recordings if there is no objection :slight_smile:

The order is generally: vocalist(s), instrumentalist(s), orchestra(s), conductor(s), performer(s) without a specific instrument credit, mostly because this is how the commonly used userscript, MusicBrainz edit: Replace recording artists from a Release page, sorts things.

You don’t generally credit instrumentalists that are also part of a group, for example: if it’s a named string quartet, you just use that instead of also listing all four members.

I approved all of your recording artist changes, by the way.

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Now this would exclude The Philip Glass Ensemble as an orchestra and the conductor since I haven’t entered them yet. Should they be entered?

The Kronos Quartet has no individual credits, but the Philip Glass Ensemble has. Jack Kripl, Jon Gibson and others are part of the ensemble and main performers on the respective tracks.

If they perform on the track, they should be entered. Release level performance relationships should only be used if it’s unknown on what tracks the credits apply.

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Yes, but that’s true for the orchestra as individuals. They are used at release level. But as an orchestra, they should be included at recording level, shouldn’t they?

Yes, you should not use release level performance relationships if you know which tracks it applies to. If it applies to all tracks, you just add the relationships to all recordings and not to the release level. It’s only for the ones you’re uncertain of, or credits that applies to the release as a whole (artwork credits etc).