Most effective method of stopping Picard from dumping different releases of an album in same folder on renaming

How does one most effectively stop Picard from merging two versions of an album (one might be redbook and another 24/96) into a single folder when it’s saving changes?

On disk I may have

artist - album
artist - album (24-96)

When Picard is done I have
artist - album/
track 1
track 1 (1)
track 2
track 2 (1)


Is the best way to edit the file naming script to pick up file resolution and append it to folder name?

Or any other unique tag identifying your “album”, like a catalog number, release country and so on.

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Whatever you do, you will be reliant on MusicBrainz having something unique for each release that you can use in the directory part of your file naming script.

Fields you can use for this:

  1. Number of tracks
  2. Catalogue id
  3. Release disambiguation field.

Unfortunately MusicBrainz editors do not always disambiguate each release - sometimes there are multiple releases with the same catalogue number and no Release disambiguation. All I can suggest is that when this happens, you enter an edit on MusicBrainz to add appropriate disambiguation.

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Ironically my albums are already all organised with folder names that don’t clash. Perhaps I should just stop Picard from renaming folders for any music that’s already ingested in my library.

This… or at least when you know you have more than one copy of an album. (I don’t let Picard any where near my file or folder names)

Note you can have multiple renaming scripts you could toggle between. Set one up that can add some extra info you can swap to when you have a clash like this…

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