More Verbose File Moving Workflow (Save)

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So I was Using Picard today to do some library management. Love this software. Been using it almost a year now.

I find myself missing a feature that I have had in similar tools before (media monkey, amarok 1.4).
In these tools when you hit the button that merged files into your collection using the filemask (save in picard) it would give you the from and to file locations of all the files being moved so you can verify there is no mistakes. I find the two Examples in the file naming option dialogue are not helpful when playing with edge cases.




posting here in the forums is a good first step, and a way to start a conversation. The next step would be to create an issue in the issue tracker. The docs call it the “bug tracker” but it’s also for feature requests among other things :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link

It would be useful to add that link to the github readme. I checked there before I posted here.


I have added some pointers to the README