More relationship entries?

Hi @ all,

I am thinking about future entries for the relationship tab.

I find it really helpful if there were

for example (“translated by, manufactured by, printed by, printed and bound by?”) these are some which I find interesting. Really good is “translated by”, cause most of my books are german ones and a lot of translated ones I call my own.

What do you out there think?


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these two already exists. “Translated by” as a work-author relationship and “manufactured by” as an edition-publisher relationship.


Hi indy133,

thank you. Looked through some books a few seconds ago. "licensed from, licensed to, publisher series or subject (is this “has dedication?”) what also be great. Or I understand it wrong?

Licensed already exists, series and pub. series are in progress.
Has dedication means “hat eine Widmung für/an”.
Subject is the “is about” relationship, though only be used for other writers, not for works at the moment


Thanks again, indy133.

As dedication I thought as “Personenbezogen bzw. auch an Personen oder Themen”. I have a book which is based on a true person. So, “about subject/person” would be good?

Forgot, how can I add a printing factory without “Publisher, Distributor or Imprint” chosen. Should i take one od them and add description?

Yes, but the subjects are very restricted for first, you may read this thread about the topic:

just leave the field blank (the descriptions are in progress) and write it into the notes.


Many thanks indy133.

Let’s see what happens in the near future :+1:

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Tangential to this is maybe where I’m going to go through and look at all the relationships we already have (quite a few of which still use outdated terminology) suggesting new ones and improvements on the ones already existing.
any suggestions you have are welcome! (especially if they can also be added as comments to that and associated tickets, so that those comments are not lost.)


Just saw your edition of
Before you can add the edition of a German work you have to create a new work --> the German translation.
You will have two works then: The original and the translation, These are linked with the relation “is a translation of”

Please have a look at this example —>

  • the sort name is always in the same language. It just changes titles with articles like "Der Name der Rose " to “Name der Rose, Der”

[quote=“CatQuest, post:8, topic:506442”]
any suggestions you have are welcome!
I think we have more than enough suggestions in the “bookcogs list”. We just have to decide which we use and which we abandon :wink:

Hi indy133

done that, thank you. But can’t delete my former entry. Circle keeps spinning and spinning, endlessly

This one should be deleted

btw. can you check it if the entry is now “done the right way?”

well done, thx, the only thing that is missing is the translator in the German work. There often different translations done by diff. translators. So the translator is quite important.

You could just have used the existing ones. It’s easy ti remove relations and replace them :wink:

Now you will have to learn to merge dupe entries ;-):
Easiest way is using two tabs. Search Der Name der Rose in both tabs. You will see that there are 2 dupes: the edition and the edition groups. Both have to be merged.
Choose one of the dupes in the first tab and the 2nd one in the 2nd tab. Press the merge button at the bottom in both tabs. Then choose the correct one that should stay.
Just have a try, good luck!