Model on magazines?

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How should magazine data be entered? I am confused by the work, edition and publication model because I don’t really know what those mean in the magazine context. Could somebody tell me how monthly magazine issues should be entered into Bookbrainz? Thanks :slight_smile:


currently these things are a bit in flux for bookbrainz - basically we haven’t figured it out yet!
it might even be that magazine will get other abilities in the future than they have now.
one thing in the future works I know of is that publication will be renamed “Edition Group”

as an aside, monthly magazine sounds an awful lot like a “series” thing, @LordSputnik?


My thoughts on how to fit magazines into the current BB model:

  1. Create a work for each individual segment in an issue of the magazine - not sure our current types cover the stuff in magazines though, so would be good to get a list of work types we can add to support them! :slight_smile:
  2. Create a single publication for the magazine series
  3. Create an edition for each issue of the magazine, linked to the publication from (2), and containing the works created in (1).

@CatQuest is right - when we implement series, it’d be nice to replace the edition group in (2) with a series, but I think the steps above should work fine for now.