Mock Stereo vs. Mono (or other similar instances)


First, I’m aware of the guidelines and have been following them. This is a question more along the lines as to why the guidelines are the way they are or what relationships can be added to help distinguish them.


As you see we have a recording that according to guidelines is correct. Now guidelines state that if a different mix occurs than it’s a different recording, however, it exempts from this different channels.,

shows that there were mock stereo recordings made from the original mix. However, same recording according to guidelines. As you can see our source shows DATES for the remixes. How do we handle this? Currently there seems to be no way to without creating a mock stereo recording, which is against guidelines. Also, why is a remix from mono to mock stereo treated differently than say, a remix of the original mix that was in stereo in 1965 to a stereo remix in 2015?


For the record, these seem to be the guidelines you’re referring to. I’m also interested in the rationale behind them.


What is mock stereo?
They take the mono track and paste in on both left and right channels?
If so, this is same as mono, IMO.


They do that, but then they add a small delay, different filters on the left and right channels, possibly some echo, etc. Read this Wikipedia page for more info: Duophonic