(Missing) Track length in AcoustID submission?

In MB Picard, I just have submitted the AcoustID informations for

If I click on the 6th track AcoustID link to see the submitted details, I can’t find the track length

Is this something that will be added “later” or should this be visible immediately?
Do I have to check my submission or is this something on the (AcoustID) server side?

That is a Musicbrainz <–> AcoustID error. The highlighted missing data is from the linked Musicbrainz page - but as your link shows the Musicbrainz page has the times. Maybe it is just slow to update.

The Picard submitted data is the length at the top under Fingerprints.


That data comes from MusicBrainz, and AcoustID operates on it’s own synced MB database as far as I know. The track times had only be added half an hour ago by you, so give this some time. It should show up correctly once AcoustID has synced with MB again.


Thank you @outsidecontext for this additional information. I didn’t know that AcoustID has is own (synced) database and does not retrieve this information immediately from MB as source.

I always submit the AcoustID informations for track lengths I manually added on MB. This should serve as some kind of “proof”.


Just noticed it shows up now :slight_smile:


Just to also clarify the submission: Picard submits the fingerprint, length and the recording MBID. The first two make up the data listed under the title “Fingerprints”, the recording MBID fetches the metadata from MB that makes up the list under “Linked MusicBrainz recordings”.