Missing “all tags” selector

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Hello @Freso.
Is there an option to activate the tag selector like in meta Discourse?


It’s quite convenient to directly go to a subject you like.
Maybe also those missing New and Unread buttons could be nice, as well?


We just enabled this in the Fairphone forum too, because it’s really convenient.
What we’ve learned: The dropdown is also a better tags search than the normal search function, but at over there it only worked for the top 30 tags that were displayed anyway. We simply increased the number of tags being displayed to all. Now you can also search unpopular tags.

Those appear when you track or watch topics and there are posts you haven’t read yet.


I have New and Unread on my menu. Or I did yesterday… I just looked now and they are missing. Though I guess that is because I just read everything.

I usually use those links when I visit, so I don’t think they are a figment of my imagination… :smile:

Hang on… I am confused. Where have they gone? I am sure they were there yesterday, and when I have read everything the numbers just disappear but the menu items stay. I need more coffee…


To test, just follow a tag or category that you haven’t read everything in yet and the buttons should reappear.


More a case of “To test” wait for @paulakreuzer to post a new item I haven’t read. And sure enough Unread and New only appear when there is something Unread and/or New on the forum.


Any chance you’d say where/how? :sweat_smile:


I’ll ask our admin. :slight_smile:


Apparently these are the needed admin settings:

  • show filter by tag -> enables the tags dropdown
  • max tags in filter list -> setting this to a number larger than the number of existing tags will display all tags in the dropdown which makes the dropdown’s search function able to find any tag


Should be available now. Thanks @paulakreuzer!