Misprinted cover art

i’ve been going through the discogs page for some of the artists i’m subscribed to and adding as many releases as i can, and i’ve encountered a very odd release… it’s the taylor swift album “speak now”, but they mistakenly used the front cover for her 1989 karaoke album. should i add this with the title “speak now” or “taylor swift karaoke: 1989”? should this even be added as another release if the wrong booklet is the only difference?


I believe this release should definitely be added. misprints and the like are very interesting and important to a lot of people.

since the title correctly appears as Speak Now on the mediums, spine, and the tray, I’d say that should be the title, with a disambiguation labeling it as a misprint, or maybe more correctly a manufacturing error.

I’ve actually done this even when it’s not a misprint, like on Quantity is Job 1 EP (also on Discogs, for full scans). the front cover doesn’t include “EP”, but it’s included on the spine, medium, and back of the release.