MIDI "performance" questions

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I’m working on creating a new album, by writing MIDI files and synthesizing them into audio using an open source sound font. Are there any guidelines for performance/recording relationships? Here’s what I’m thinking of doing for the relationships, but I’m not sure if this is right:

  • Use the date I convert MIDI to WAV as the recording-of-work and performance dates.
  • To credit the individual MIDI instruments, [no artist] performed {instrument} on {recording} in {date}

Does that seem reasonable?

There is also a programming relationship. Would that fit with MIDI? It would be @dseomn programmed [instrument] on [recording]. I don’t think crediting things as “no artist” adds a lot of useful information to the database.

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I think that would be the right relationship if I had programmed the synthesizer, but I don’t think it’s right if I just feed MIDI commands into an existing synthesizer.

I personally find the instrument information more interesting than the artist information for most, but not all, performance relationships.

Thinking about it more, I wonder if it also makes sense to create a release (type: Other) for the specific version of the sound font. Maybe one track per instrument, with track number = MIDI program number, and no track length set? Maybe each version of a sound font would be its own release in the same release group? Then it would probably make sense to use the “recording samples recording” relationship. I’m not sure I want to put that much effort into this though.