Metadata issue with Plex


Right off the bat I’d like to point out that there are a great number of issues on the topic that I know very little about, so please talk to me like you would to a child :laughing:

Now then. I’m running Plex on my home system and it gets metadata and matches albums and music in general with the musicbrainz database. Lately I’ve added hundreds of 60s singles to the database and for some reason they’ve had a delay of up to one or two days before Plex could find them. All well so far.

But now something has happened as Plex no longer is able to find my edits in the database. It’s now been 6-7 days since some of my new entries in the database and still no sign of them in Plex. Am I doing something wrong or what is going on here? I really don’t know how tha data gets from Musicbrainz to Plex, so I am completely in the dark as to where the problem is. Is it me, is it Plex or is it Musicbrainz?

Or am I simply too impatient? If someone could be so kind as to drop a few words to shed some light on this matter it would be greatly appreciated.

There was a schema change a few days ago. Maybe that broke Plex its neck?

Apart from that many edits take 7 days to apply

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Ah, thank you! Of course I didn’t read the rules thorough enough :roll_eyes: :joy: :joy:

I suppose it makes sense that there is a window where people can vote down entries, I simply didn’t know about it until now. Of course that explains why changes never are immediate. Makes perfect sense, thanks again.

As for the neck of Plex I certainly hope it’s just bruised and not broken. I’ll just give it another couple of days and hopefully everything will be a-ok.

As far as I know, Plex media servers no longer connect to any metadata agents directly. They all run through Plex’s servers. It allows them to avoid rate limits of various services, and connect multiple metadata sources into one to provide more complete information. (And also likely build statistics on how popular various media items are)
Plex likely syncs their copy of the database with MB every few days so that’s why it takes time for changes to show up.

After you submit something and it’s been approved through the review process, the new/changed item will be available to Plex soon after. The exact timing can depend on when you catch things “in the cycle”, but the content will be available within about a day and a half (36 hours) at the longest, and sometimes in as little as a few hours.

Yes, your the points you raise sounds both logic and plausible. The strange thing though, is that my entries in the MB database would appear in Plex usually the day after until 6 days ago. Not automatically, but I was able to find it by manually matching releases. Now Plex just can’t find the correct entries and it’s been a lot more than 36 hours since the updates I’m looking for.

The only option I have to search for metadata is as you point out through the Plex agent, so it’s maybe most likely this agent is my concern. Then again it is odd that I still can find all entries in the database prior to six days ago.

I’ll give it another couple of days and then perhaps adress this issue to the Plex forums if nothing’s happened until then. It seems to me the issue is related to Plex and not MB anyway :slight_smile: