MetaBrainz Foundation and


I recently submitted a proposal to add the MetaBrainz Foundation into the database of and recently got the answer “the organization has requested not to be added to our Database for inclusion”.

Is there a reason for this choice?

Yes, because they are a disaster to work with.

Overall we would get one, maybe two donations for $10 or $50 through them per year. But given that non-profit entities are so severely distrusted in the world, they made us go through the rather painful recertification process at least twice a year. With loads of threatening and pushy emails about re-certifying or they’ll stop accepting non-existent donations for us.

I certainly spent more $$$ keeping benevity open than we’ve ever received through them. Unless they are are a source of thousands per year, they are not worth the hassle and pain to work with. And I’ve let them know that, which is why we’re listed as not wanting to have anything to do with them.


And when I just went to their website, before reading your explanation, I couldn’t get any idea what that benevity site was about, at all.

They don’t explain really good for non-English speakers.


A pity when you know this is a Canadian inc.
But on paper this is a promising idea that’s allow employers to match donations of employees to charities etc. But as @rob explain, doesn’t worth the time if they are asking for such a lot of paperwork :frowning:

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