MetaBrainz for scholars and academics


recently i stumbled upon the BookBrainz project. i was wondering whether BookBrainz would also be used for written materials other than books, in particular for journal articles and conference proceedings.

there seem to be some projects on the internet in order to collect publication metadata for the academic world (for instance, mendeley), but these projects seem not satisfactory to many, and a MetaBrainz solution would just be lovely :slight_smile:.


BookBrainz’s mission statement is given on the front page of (emphasis mine):

So AFAIK, what you’re asking about falls perfectly into the scope of BookBrainz. :wink:


Project lead for BookBrainz here. This is definitely something that we want, and something that is currently supported: in the current data model, you can add a journal as a publication, editions as edition entities, and any individual articles or papers you want as works. You can then link the works to the edition they appear in. I think you can also add a “references” relationship between two works.

One day I hope we can create a sort of visual representation of references between academic texts, so you can easily find key works in any subject area and learn prerequisite knowledge before attempting to dive in to a highly technical paper. But that’s quite a way off and probably better as a side project :slight_smile:


ohhh, perfect! im looking forward and see whether i can help on the project. this wold be really great for the academic community. and other platforms (like mendeley) are ok, but BookBrainz will just take over :slight_smile: