MetaBrainz Ecosystem

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It’s your friendly neighborhood supporter catalyst, here to ask your opinions, advice and general commentary on the MetaBrainz Ecosystem!

As part of my MeB-ucation I created a visual of the MeB Ecosystem, I was instructed by the BDFL (as part of ORG-2) to get feedback from the community on it!

So please, don’t hold back! Do you think our ecosystem works this way? What do you think of the future of our ecosystem? What issues exist within our ecosystem? What advice do you have for a new person in our community about our ecosystem? What is missing?

The graphic looks good and I think it captures all of the entities. Do you have a (brief) definition of each of the entities to go along with this? I just want to confirm that my understanding matches yours. Thanks.

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What is the difference between “GSoC” and “Students”? “Users” and “Taggers” and “CD Rippers”? (For the two latter: programs or people?) “Contributors” and “Editors” and “Voters” (and anyone else in the graphic giving back)? “Supporters” and “Corporations”?

I also don’t understand if the graphic is supposed to convey some sort of sense/order in how some of them come from or go to the same point (e.g., Users, Votes, Taggers derive from the target point of GSoC, Team, Students, while Users then go into the same pile as Voters and Corporations).

I like the idea of such a graphic, but personally I get somewhat confused when trying to decipher this “graph”. :slight_smile:


You could maybe merge taggers and CD rippers then add the record/CD collectors.

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Apologies for the delayed response on this discussion!

@rdswift I do not have brief definitions for each of the entities. I created this within the first 3 months of time with MeB in an attempt to view what MeB looks like (the big picture). Perhaps creating definitions for the entities would be a good place to start before continuing forward!

@Freso as above I don’t have definitions for each of the entities. A research student who uses MB may not be involved in GSOC or GCI but still a student. A ‘user’ is perhaps way to broad of a term to use in this image of MeB, I donno, I think all folks bring up good points of reviewing and defining the entities involved in our ecosystem.

The graphic as a whole is not supposed to have an sense or order–besides a fluid taking and giving back by all entities to the MeB Ecosystem. The points each entity come and go from are just the limits of google docs graphics and have no meaning, nor should they. Is the researcher less important than the corporation? IMHO: No.

Thank you @jesus2099 for the addition of Collectors!

Still if anyone wants to continue this discussion–there are many more questions!!!

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