Messybrainz cleanup proposal - api's and bots

Messybrainz is a database with a title string and a artists string.
To help clean up things I would like messybrainz to be bot friendly and to start using other sites to improve matches.

Musicbrainz has links to other sites and services such as youtube, soundcloud etc.
Can we start using those api’s to start filling in some of the gaps in our data?
I would like to have crawlers / bots start looking through sites we link to and automatically add this data to messybrainz in order to match or partially match artists to messybrainz records.

Instead of trying to say that this mbid matches this recording we could build up a database of possible matches with the path of how it was found.
This can help with the problem of multiple people with the same name.
if we can find a match on youtube video, soundcloud recording etc you are more likely to have found the right person with that name.

To get this to work ideally I would like messybrainz to have a public api to get messybrainz id’s from the database and an ai to add possible matches in other sites.

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