Merging or uniting eponymous bands (quartets, quintets and mainly jazz entities)

When I mentioned feedbacks, I was thinking about the ones we receive on SensCritique. It’s a very common issue.

It’s not that easy actually. Importing specific relationships and group them automatically is far more complicated than just importing albums. I can discuss it with the devs though.
(we are only using a small fraction of the MB database and it’s still using a lot of servers capacity)

As @IvanDobsky said, I think I will opt for a SC solution. I still believe that it could be fixed or at least improved here, but as I see no beginning of a consensus, you’re right.

I would have liked some feedbacks for the “dual artist” proposal. @highstrung seemed to like the idea.
Because it’s still feel like it would be a perfect midway solution.

We have the eponymous attribute.

Would it not be feasible just to display all the eponymous group entries within the discography of the individual members? Then, when one clicks on the artist credit, it goes to the group proper.

We already have the data, so it would display eponymous quintets and such in-line with the individuals own albums.

I think that this approach would also preserve the membership relationships, which are still important.

Yes, MBS-10868 has already been posted here.