MBP will rename only some files, not all

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Despite finding the proper track names, MBP will only rename some of them.

The 3 upper tracks (red arrow) won’t be renamed when I hit the “Save” button.
The 3 lower tracks (blue arrow) will be renamed.

Any idea why? Is there a way to force it?

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The music note icon on those tracks mean that it’s not matched with a file. Your screenshot shows only 3 files in Picard.


Hello, Thank you for your answer.

I still don’t get it:

  • the 3 upper tracks do not initially have tags and are named Track1 to Track3; Picard finds the correct names and the correct tags
  • when I select them and hit “Lookup into browser”, I find the correct refrerences to those pieces (including the same album I’m dealing with)

So it seems Picard found everything I need; it just doesn’t want write the info on the file.

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What I’m saying is the upper 3 tracks are not matched up to files on your computer. Only the bottom 3 are matched up. Picard doesn’t change the names of the three upper tracks, because there’s no file there for it to change.

You need to figure out where those files are and why Picard isn’t seeing them.


The musical note indicates that there is no file attached to that track. What you see is just the data from MusicBrainz (an album with 6 tracks), but only the last three tracks have files attached. As the first three tracks don’t have a file matched there is nothing to save. Find the files on your computer and load them into Picard, then you can move the files to the already loaded metadata and save them.


I got it

Thank you very much for your kind help

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