MBID-enabled Android music player?

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Before I go too far down the rabbit hole, are there any (working) Android local file music player / library browsing apps that are Artist MBID-enabled / Artists-enabled? I’m putting together a PoC for my own personal use, but would rather use the time on other things if one already exists.


I am working on making the MusicBrainz Android App playable soon. I have the work ready but would need some time to get it released. That totally depends on the demand and priorities but yes it will come before 2023 is what I can say!


For what it’s worth, the best Android music app I ever found is:

Sony Music Center (ex-SongPal)

I don’t have a Sony device or anything, I just play music stored in my phone (dragged and dropped like a USB key), and it displays cover art.

But I don’t know what you mean exactly by artist enabled… :thinking:

Maybe you mean, can you access tracks per artists?
Yes you can!

As you can see, you can browse per playlists, artists, albums, tracks and folders, and, cough, genres.

I only rarely use it but I can answer questions.
The only bad thing about it is that, if I remember correctly, it did not read the medium number, so tracks are ordered by track number only (1.01, 2.01, 3.01, 1.02, 3.02, 2.02, 3.03, 1.03, 2.02, …).
Like many players, you could trick it by using fake track numbers with disc number prefixed as hundreds (101, 102, 103, 201, 202, 203, 301, 302, 303).
But maybe it now does, once updated (very long time I didn’t use a software audio player).

I remember it was possible to scrobble, as well.
Maybe thanks to another app called Simpler Scrobbler, that supports this player.

My screenshots are in French but it’s multilingual, for sure there is English as well.

Oh, about MBID, I don’t think it sees them (but what would be the use?):

Track detailed info

But I should do the test with a file that I know it contains MBID, to make sure.
If you want.

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The use would be indexing songs by %musicbrainz_artistid%/%artists%/%artists_sort%, rather than by %artist%. This has obvious advantages over flaky solutions like RegEx splitting which would only be able to cover common cases (e.g., " feat. ").

And beyond MBID support, I need the music player to utilize sort tags for artists/albums/titles. It’s rather depressing that a 10+ year old iPod/iTunes can still do things that popular Android apps cannot.